Lock Up Bike Even in Garage: SDPD

Bicycle thefts are becoming so common in San Diego County, police now suggest owners lock bikes even when they’re in the garage.

Millions of bikes are stolen every year across San Diego County, according to law enforcement.

If you've ever tried owning a bike in San Diego, particularly in areas like Pacific Beach or Ocean Beach, you know how vigilant you need to be.

Now police are seeing those thefts moving to places like Rancho Penasquitos.

“I have personally been involved in operations where we have met with someone selling a bicycle on Craigslist,” said SDPD Officer Matt Tortorella. “It was several of them and we take the person into custody for possession of stolen property and we get the property back.”

A hidden camera caught a man stealing a bike right out of a garage in Oceanside.

San Diego Police used the website "Nextdoor" to alert residents in various communities about this crime of opportunity.

Officers suggested the following to help avoid such a theft:

  • Always check out the manufacturer of your bike lock online
  • Some companies may even guarantee a lock and help replace the bike if it's stolen
  • Take pictures of the bike and the serial number
  • Engrave any additions to your bike with the bike's serial number.

Torterello said it is very difficult to track down a bike when the owner doesn’t know the make and model and have pictures, including pictures of that serial number.

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