Locals Wait in Line for iPhone4

Some lucky customers got their hands on Apple's latest gadget already while others stand in line waiting Thursday morning as the iPhone4 makes its official debut.

Apple stores at Fashion Valley and Otay Ranch will be selling the iPhone4 so that's likely your best bet, according to local blogger and Mashable associate editor Jenn Van Grove. Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack are expected to have limited supplies Thursday. AT&T stores will not have the iPhone4 for sale until June 29.

Van Grove reported long lines at UTC and Otay Ranch stores as of 5:30 a.m.

We asked our Twitter followers for an idea of what's going on and we got some pics and this report: "I'm in UTC and there are tents sleeping bags, air beds, matting everywhere," posted @SicRaul who grabbed his spot in line around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Pre-orders of the new iPhone4 began arriving at homes Tuesday. One San Diego attorney let the world know of his unexpected delivery via Twitter and in return got some crazy offers.

"One guy wanted to take it apart and deconstruct it and would buy me a new one when they came out," said Gil Cabrera. Another man offered him $1000 for it.

"It was like a Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka," Cabrera said. "It was weird."

According to Van Grove, who was up most of Wednesday night playing with her new iPhone4 ("who needs a man when you have the multitasking badass iPhone4 by your side in bed?) , the phone has a number of great new features.

  • New hardware: A4 chip (same as ipad), case is made of stainless steel and glass, gyroscope
  • New camera system: HD video, 5-megapixel camera, 5x digital zoom, LED and a front-facing camera.
  • Free video calling via FaceTime (video calls will not eat up carrier minutes): video calling that works over WiFi in landscape and portrait modes and can easily switch between
  • Retina Display: highest pixel density of any phone, essentially everything is now 4x sharper.
  • Bigger battery: 40% more talk time &10 hours browsing over WiFi.

"I've also noticed the retina display they've been touting... is actually quite remarkable," said Van Grove. "I absolutely love it."

If you're not upgrading your hardware yet you can still update your iPhone 3G & 3GS software to the latest operating system -- iOS4. The upgrade includes Multi-Tasking.

"It also includes folders which I love," Van Grove said mentioning how she's using the folder system to organize the 200 apps she has on her phone.

The iPhone4 will be available in white in the second half of July.

If you're not an Apple fan there's always the next generation Droid from Motorola -- the Droid X, according to Van Grove.

The Droid X with Flash 10.1 ships July 15 and starts at $199.99.

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