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Locals React: Southwest Flight Diverted Due to Cracked Window

The incident happened just weeks after a woman died on a Southwest flight

A Southwest flight from Chicago's Midway Airport to Newark, New Jersey was diverted Wednesday after a window issue happened mid-flight, according to passengers and the airline. 

The plane made an emergency landing in Cleveland. Nobody was injured. 

Images posted to social media appear to show a crack inside one of the plane's windows.

Southwest said in a statement that Flight 957 was diverted for a "maintenance review of one of the multiple layers of a window pane." 

Representatives for the airline added "the aircraft maintained pressurization as there are multiple layers of panes in each window," and "the flight landed uneventfully in Cleveland."

"When I heard I thought, 'Oh what a shame,' because there's going to be a lot of people that may not want to fly with them," said Debra Jones at the San Diego International Airport Wednesday. 

Jones is a former flight attendant and said she still will fly with the airline. 

"I love Southwest," said Jones. "They're usually on time. It's easy in, easy out. I think they are great." 

But some locals said on social media they will avoid the airline from now on. 

"These incidents lately are making not want to fly with Southwest again," one user tweeted out Wednesday. "They really need to do an overhaul of their old planes and replace them with new ones to make sure all maintenance issues are addressed." 

The FAA affirmed the plane landed without incident: no oxygen masks were deployed and pilots did not declare an emergency. 

Southwest worked to get the flight's 76 customers on another plane to Newark. 

The plane was taken out of service for a maintance review. 

This comes just two weeks after another Southwest flight made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after an engine exploded. It caused a window to blow out, and a woman to be partially sucked out. 

Mother of two and wife, Jennifer Riordan, 43, died as a result. 

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