Locals in First Round of Layoffs as Mattress Firm Files for Bankruptcy

A local woman is losing her job at a San Diego-based Mattress Firm store, as the company struggles to survive.

On Friday, the mattress retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced it will immediately close 700 of its 3,300 stores by the end of the year.

For one local woman, losing her job is more than the money. She says Mattress Firm was like a family to her.

“They’re firing people they’re supposed to be supporting,” she said, “this is not a lot of support.”

The local woman did not want to be identified by name, because she still has to work at Mattress Firm for a few more weeks before she’s let go.

She got a call on Friday from a regional manager, letting her know she was in the first round of layoffs.

“I thought they cared. Clearly, I was wrong,” she said.

In an email to staff, the company’s CEO indicated employees who are let go will receive severance through October and benefits through November.

The email also cited being ‘overstored’ as one of the reasons for their financial trouble.

There are over a dozen Mattress Firms in San Diego County, and at least some of them are expected to close down after this announcement

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