San Diego International Airport

Local Youth Unveils Artwork in SD International Airport

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The next time you walk through the newest terminal at the San Diego International Airport, expect to see some cool artwork created by local high school students.

The airport collaborated with the ARTS organization, for the DesignAHEAD program to engage local youth.

The high school students had the job of creating original artwork of an area in the airport that would enhance the traveling experience.

One group of students was assigned the recompose area, located right after the security check at the airport.

“Our theme is waves, and the reason we chose waves was that the oceans and beaches represent tranquility and peace,” High School student Suzelle Urrea said. “We thought if we created this space it would help people be a part of this environment and feel more relaxed.”

The "arts" organization and San Diego international airport are working together with the goal of developing the next generation of innovators in the region.

Photos: Local Youth Unveils Artwork in SD International Airport

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