Local Woman Brings Attention to Plight of Girls in ISIS Captivity

A local woman is returning from Iraq, after spending time with young girls who were raped, abused and tortured at the hands of ISIS.

Jacqueline Isaac is Vice President of Roads of Success, a humanitarian non profit organization, helping in the relief crisis in the Middle East.

Roads of Success has made two relief missions to Iraq and, most recently, one empowerment mission to Iraq.

Some 4,000 girls and children are still being raped, abused and tortured at the hands of ISIS, according to Isaac.

During a recent trip to the area, she spoke with and hosted empowering workshops for some of the 450 girls she said were rescued after being in the hands of ISIS.

“When you get to a point when you can share what you’ve gone through, you become a voice to the voices and automatically you bring awareness and that’s what these girls are doing.”

Isaac listened to the stories told by the girls who escaped from sex slavery or were rescued, she said. 

“ISIS said any girl over the age of five would go into the sex trade,” Isaac said. “They considered anyone under the age of five too young. Imagine that. Five is old enough. That’s their crazy and insane mentality.”

The organization is working with the Kurdistan Regional government, which is helping those fleeing from ISIS, said Isaac.

Isaac now wants to raise awareness about the girls in Iraq and their stories.

“ISIS could not break them,” she said. “ISIS tries to make so many stories about the destruction and devastation, but these girls, they remind us that terror will never win. Terror will never win.”

Roads of Success plans to make its fourth trip to Iraqi Kurdistan soon and will be bringing blankets, toys and clothing, along with doctors and counselors. If you would like to help out, either by donating resources or time, click here.

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