San Diego

Local Vets Win Big on ‘Wheel of Fortune' Veterans Week

Two San Diego veterans win big on "Wheel of Fortune" during the popular game show’s Veterans Week.

NBC7 spoke with Mark Carpowich and Coast Guard Veteran Michael Dougherty about their wins at Sony Studios in Los Angeles where "Wheel of Fortune" is taped.

Mark Carpowich who served in navy intelligence tells NBC7 he has been preparing for this since he was a kid.

“This has been a nightly ritual for me forever since the days back in the 80s when you had to pick out prizes and stuff,” he said.

He won a trip to Fiji and a new car along with cash on the fast-paced show. 

“The best part of this is that I got married less than a year ago and my wife and I didn’t have the opportunity to take a honeymoon so this will be our honeymoon,” Carpowich said.

Dougherty also came away with a win, taking home cash and a trip.

“[It's] still a little surreal I get to go home and kind of take it all in tonight," he said. "I think when I’m in the Caribbean is really when it’s going to kick in.”

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