San Diego

Local Veterans Could Receive Free Medical Marijuana

Dozens of veterans gathered at Torrey Holistics Thursday, a medical marijuana collective in San Diego, to buy cannabis, with profits going towards the 'Weed For Warriors Project'.

The Weed for Warriors Project provides medical marijuana information to veterans who struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other medical conditions. They strive to deliver free medical marijuana to vets who need it.

"I never dealt with my experiences with PTSD. They didn’t talk about that in the military when I got out," said Sean Kiernan, founder of Weed for Warriors. "I started to go off the rails, just to be honest with you. I hit rock bottom and had a suicide attempt.”

Kiernan said medical marijuana helped him to get back on his feet. He started the nonprofit to help other veterans discover the benefits of medical cannabis.

“Cannabis allows you to calm down immediately, go out and get reintegrated into the social environment, which is one of the big healing processes.”

The Veterans Benefit Project event is going on at Torrey Holistics on Roselle Street in San Diego until July 4th. Veterans with proof of service and a medical recommendation may be eligible to receive free medical marijuana samples.

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