Local Undecided Voters After Final Presidential Debate

For the final presidential debate, many San Diegans gathered at watch parties across the county–some even went to watch it on the big screen at the Edwards Mira Mesa Theater Wednesday night.

Republican presidential candidate faced off with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary for the last time before the November 8 election. The debate became heated at times, with both candidates talking over one another but most of the points did come through. 

Policy questions regarding issues such as immigration, ISIS and abortion took center stage.

NBC 7 spoke with some voters after the debate who said they were disappointed by what they heard.

“I think it was more comedy than anything else,” said Al Stanzione, an independent voter. "He’s got some good ideas, but I don’t like either of them, to be honest. And Hillary is so dishonest.”

Others told us they are still have not made the decision on who they will be their pick for president come November 8.

"I’m not too sure who I’m voting for. I’m still undecided," said Margot Wright. Wright, a democrat, said she is concerned about candidates appointing Supreme Court justices that can impact Roe V. Wade.

Meanwhile, Trump's comments about immigration did raise some eyebrows at a watch party for local democrats.

“We have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out," Trump said during a discussion about illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Voter Jenny Wynne told NBC 7 his comments showed how he viewed certain people in America.

Trump's past business dealings and the firestorm over lewd comments he made about women in a decade old tape is not an issue for all voters.

“You can’t look at what Donald did as business person and builder in the same light or what he did 20 years ago as what he'd do today," explained republican Phyllis Kaiser.

Some Trump supporters listed off Clinton's history, concerns over her honesty and her husband's legacy as the reason they are voting for the businessman.

“Seeing Bill Clinton made the Three Strikes Law, that’s a problem,” said Candice Bell, who plans to vote Trump. “And democrats haven’t done anything for black people at all. We have cops shooting us in the street we have black poverty, and blacks not getting work."

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