Local Tribe Looks to ‘Branch Out' With SoCal's First Brewery on Tribal Lands

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery also opened the first tribal-owned tasting room off of tribal land

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San Diego is arguably the craft beer capitol of the world. More than a hundred local breweries crank out millions of gallons of lagers, IPAs, and ales every year. That list now includes a brewery that’s the first and only one to brew solely on tribal land.

“We are special because we are the only one on native land,” said Zeth Devore, brew master for the Rincon Reservation Road Brewery; 3R Brewery for short.

Devore’s boss, Rik Mazzetti is happy because the brewery is doing things no Southern California tribe has ever done. Mazzetti is with the Rincon Economic Development Corporation (REDCO), but his Rincon tribe is better known for Harrah’s Southern California Resort. It’s advertised in commercials as Funner, California.

“Ultimately that’s the biggest thing that you see,” said Mazzetti. “There’s got to be more….”

“We want to branch out. We want to start talking to other people. We want to be parts of other communities,” smiled Devore.

That’s why the first brewery on tribal land opened the first tribal-owned tasting room off tribal land. In March, the Rincon Reservation Road Brewery opened in Ocean Beach.

“We’re the only tribal entity to do so outside of tribal property,” Mazzetti beamed.

“It sets us apart in a way that allows us to diversify a lot of what we do and make it unique,” added Devore.

Mazzetti hoped the brewery and tasting room add to Rincon’s resume that allows them to be more than just a gaming destination.

“It’s just that good feeling of taking care of your people and for us, there’s nothing better,” Mazzetti smiled.

The pandemic delayed the opening for Rincon’s tasting room. In the meantime, Mazzetti said cans of 3R’s beer are sold at Trader Joe’s and inside Disney’s California Adventure.

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