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Investigators Believe Fatal Fall in Rolando to be Suspicious

A local student recalled hearing a loud thud and found a man lying on the ground in front of an apartment building in Rolando.

The student, who told NBC 7 he only wanted to be identified as Max, said he had been coming home when he found 25-year-old Untyuan Smith, unconscious on the ground. 

Around 2:50 a.m. on Saturday, Smith fell four stories from his apartment on the 4600 block of 63rd Street, according to the San Diego Police Department(SDPD.

NBC 7 learned on Monday that the apartment building, Boulevard 63, is home to many college students. Several residents said there are often parties late into the night and early morning.

Witnesses said such was the case inside Smith's apartment when he fell to his death from the fourth floor balcony.

"It was a pretty gruesome sight definitely, running up to it,” Max told NBC 7.

Police said they believe the death to be suspicious.

Cristian Alearez, lives next door to Smith and said he had heard Smith and his roommates fighting earlier in the week. 

"There was some shouting and screaming going on from this apartment,” Alearez said.

“We heard a loud fight from the apartment between some of the people. There is obviously some tension,” Max said.

Both neighbors said Smith was not alone in his apartment at the time of his death.

"That particular night, there was noises going on just like any college setting," Alearez said.

Smith's 23-year-old roommate, Ahmed Parr was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants and 24-year-old Brady Cronin was arrested on a felony probation warrant.

"It concerns me about the people living right next to you and what they may be up to with you having no clue what's going on,” Alearez said.

Both men who were arrested were booked into county jail but not on charges connected with Smith's death, police confirmed.

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