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Local School Districts Join Dozens in Fight Against Trump's Executive Order on Sanctuary Cities

25 school districts and other educational institutions have signed the amicus brief, filed Wednesday.

Some San Diego County school districts are joining dozens of districts across San Diego in a fight against President Donald Trump's executive order on sanctuary cities. 

On Wednesday, representatives from the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and the Sweetwater Union High School District were among the districts who submitted arguments in support of the lawsuit.

The executive order would withhold federal funds from "sanctuary jurisdictions". There are mixed opinions on whether San Diego qualifies as a sanctuary city; Both San Diego City and County comply with the law the president cited. 

However, SDUSD officials said the language of the executive order is so broad, it could also include cutting federal funds that are used for education.

According to a statement on SDUSD's website, about 25 school districts and other educational institutions have signed the amicus brief filed Wednesday. Santa Clara County and the City of San Francisco have filed lawsuits against the order.

“No child in California should fear going to school because they or their families may be deported,” said Richard Barrera, president of the San Diego Unified School Board of Trustees, in a statement on the website.

“Neither should school administrators be forced to choose between critical funding and violating students’ rights. We believe that access to education is a fundamental, non-negotiable right of every student in every San Diego school. Federal funding is not a fee for immigration enforcement services, but rather an investment in the potential of each child, an educated workforce, and strong future economy," the statement said. 

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