Local School District Gets Federal Grant Money for Mental Health Services

Fallbrook Union School District was among the grant recipients

A school district in San Diego County is getting almost $400,000 in federal grants to help fund school counselors and counseling services.

The U.S. Department of Education announced Thursday it is awarding more than $14.7 million to elementary schools and high schools around the country.

Fallbrook Union School District was among the grant recipients.

The district will use its $389,000 grant to launch a program in three elementary schools that currently have minimal to non-existent school counseling services.

A counselor will be hired for each school according to the grant details.

Fallbrook Union Elementary hopes to serve 2,364 students with the funding.

Forty school districts in 20 states are getting the grants in the hopes it will help hire qualified mental-health professionals and expand school-based counseling programs.

Experts say that research suggests counseling programs can help lower the number of student discipline issues, increase attendance and improve academic performance.

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