Local Radio Celebrity Recalls Time on Neverland Ranch

Sean Leckie, known on 93.3 as "Sonic", remembers the first time he saw Michael Jackson

Whatever you thought of his personal life, few can argue that Michael Jackson had a huge impact on music and culture. He hit the stage when most people are just mastering their early reading skills and went on to have hit after hit.

A co-host on AJ’s Playhouse for Channel 93.3 volunteered at Neverland Ranch when he was 19 during college, but his first memory of the Ranch was when he visited in fifth grade. Sean Leckie, known on the show as "Sonic," remembers the first time he saw Jackson -- he was on a cart path going from the arcade to the amusement park.

“We passed Michael Jackson who was with his nephew and they were going to play tennis," Sonic said. "He's really shy, soft spoken, but genuine, nice."

During college, Sonic ran the “Yo-Yo” in the amusement park. If someone passed through and wanted to ride the ride he would start it up for them.

“Which is kind of funny, but it's cool at the same time because I ran the sound system,” he said.

The last party he worked at was for Jackson’s dad, Joe Jackson.

"Bill Belamy was big at the time, the MTV VJ -- he was there with his playmate girlfriend," Sonic said. "Mike Tyson showed up, Chris Tucker."

Sonic says Jackson had strict rules about how much access people had to his property.

"Nobody was allowed in his house, like in his bedroom or in his quarters,” he said. “Too many stories had come out I guess."

The co-host says despite all the controversy, Jackson was first and foremost an entertainer who couldn't be rivaled.

"He was an odd character, you can't beat around the bush," Sonic said. "(But) he's an American icon. Music is missing somebody today."

See photos of when Sonic went to the Michael Jackson exhibit in Los Angeles.

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