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Local Program Helps Essential Workers With Home Buying Process

The Thank You Heroes Home Rebate Program also applies to service members and veterans

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Essential workers have been working nonstop for months to help others in our community as we struggled with the coronavirus pandemic and now, there’s a service to help them.

The Thank You Heroes Home Rebate Program is open to many groups of people providing services for others -- including those who have been at the forefront during the pandemic.

The program's founder simply states that people who give to our community and give to our country deserve help, themselves.

“People that give to our community, and give to our country deserve benefits. Period, end of story," said Colleen Moore, the program's founder. "They deserve benefits. And one of our things is uncovering if it’s a phony benefit."

The Thank You Heroes Home Rebate Program has two parts -- to help educate and to make sure these groups are getting the best deal possible. It was created for military, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, educators, health care workers, and clergy to buy and sell homes.

It’s grown from that and the program knows the ins and outs of saving as much money as possible with different rebates and discounts a lot of us may not know about. That includes guidance on buying or selling your home, remodeling, basic repair, or plans for investment.

There are also protections in the program for members of the military who may get new orders and have to move quickly.

For more information on the program, click here.

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