Local Nurses Hold Vigil for Worldwide Colleagues Who Died of Coronavirus

At the remembrance, UC San Diego Health nurses also rallied for more personal protective equipment

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Nurses at UC San Diego Health held a vigil on Sunday in remembrance of their colleagues worldwide who died treating coronavirus patients as they expressed concerns that without enough PPE, they, too, could lose their own lives.

“Nurses and health care workers need PPE,” nurse Doris Aceron said at the vigil. “We are risking our lives every day fighting COVID-19.”

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The glow of the vigil’s candles illuminated the somber remembrance as nurses stood next to a board that had written the names of some health care workers who died due to the virus.  The names included health care professionals from around the world.

“I could almost cry saying this, but it’s very heartfelt,” one attendant said.

While mourning the deaths of those who were in the front lines, participants held up signs that read “#ProtectNurses. All our lives depend on it.”

Nurses at UC San Diego Health have rallied since last month for more personal protective equipment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One nurse told NBC 7 that they are given one mask per shift, which is not enough.

Several Scripps Mercy Hospital nurses sent a sweet message of support to their colleagues at other local hospitals.

UC San Diego Health said it is obeying protocol by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“All who enter our health care facilities are provided a face mask upon entering. PPE is available to nurses to care for any potential patient with COIVD-19 in accordance with recommended CDC practice.”

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