Local Nonprofits Concerned After Threat of Formaldehyde in Flooring

Two San Diego nonprofits are concerned after an investigation into well-known flooring company Lumber Liquidators could mean some of the homes they built may be exposed to formaldehyde.

The 60 Minutes investigation into whether America's largest specialty retailer of hardwood flooring specifically mentions Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House Charities as beneficiaries of Lumber Liquidators' generosity.

Ronald McDonald House called the well-being of families their foremost concern while trying to determine if Lumber Liquidators' Chinese-made laminated wood flooring is in any of their homes, including one built in 2012 across from Children's Hospital.

60 Minutes said it commissioned lab tests of the product showing levels of formaldehyde that didn't meet acceptable standards.

"I think all of us have to be concerned all the time about where we're buying products and what its made of," said San Diego's Habitat for Humanity CEO Lori Pfeiler.

Pfeiler said when she learned of her non-profit's possible link to the story, she - like many Americans - started asking questions.

"Well, we're building brand new homes and we use a lot of flooring," Pfeiler said. "Kids have asthma, and so the preferred flooring is laminate flooring now a days, and so we want to make sure none of our homes don't have any of this stuff that has all the formaldehyde in it."

Pfeiler says none of their county home projects involved the product.

The organization also has a store next to their headquarters where they sell discounted home products donated by the public - including laminated flooring - to help with administrative costs.

They reached out to their distributor asking for documentation the product is also safe and received a positive confirmation today.

Lumber Liquidators - which has a handful of retail chains in San Diego county - says its products are 100 percent safe and pass California regulations.

The company believes 60 Minutes used an improper test method.

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