San Diego

San Diego Lifeguards Enter Day 3 of Search for Local Musician

Lifeguards searched along the coast of Pacific Beach Wednesday for any sign of a local musician who fell from Crystal Pier three days ago.

Friends reported 27-year-old Taylor "Tay" Watts missing in the water Sunday evening after Watts fell from the pier. Watts, a musician new to San Diego from the Houston area, frequently played shows in the downtown area.

On-duty lifeguards will continue the search after the U.S. Coast Guard suspended its active search Monday.

Search and Rescue teams had previously surveyed 204 square miles with no success.

SDFD Lifeguard Division Captain James Gartland reported the agency's first aerial search at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday. A lifeguard vessel and additional land assets were provided to aid the helicopter.

Two sonar and multiple local vessels were deployed Tuesday at the South Mission Beach jetty heading north towards Crystal Pier. No sign of Watts was reported.

Local search and rescue teams have planned surfboat surface patrols, dive searches, and morning shoreline patrols for future efforts.

The deployment is scheduled to span South Mission Beach north to the edge of La Jolla.

Friends say Watts was hanging from a rope along the edge of the pier when he lost his grip and fell into the ocean, possibly hitting his head on the way down.

The Tin Roof, a bistro where Watts worked, has opened their doors to the musician’s friends and family as the search continues.

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