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Local ‘Lifestyle Concierge Co. Offers Virtual Team Building Activities

Fit City Adventures has found a new way to offer team building services

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With tourism at a standstill in San Diego, the ripple effects on businesses have forced many to go online. A locally based lifestyle concierge group that normally caters to convention attendees and visiting businesses has had to get creative to reach clientele.

Fit City Adventures has pivoted to helping local companies that need to stay connected. CEO and founder Angela Minardi usually plans team building itineraries for out-of-towners, corporate staff, and locals using any of her 45 San Diego small business partners to run the events.

“So from yoga to fitness to improv, you name it. We pull it all together. That's why we call ourselves a concierge because we're really a one-stop shop for all of the fun and best things in San Diego," said Minardi.

But right now that’s being tested.

“Everyone is isolated. People don't know what day it is anymore," said Miardi. “They don't really have much to look forward to that's different. So what we're offering is a way for them to learn a new skill, something really fun like cooking and keep their teams connected which is different than your traditional happy hour. Which I think we're all kind of burnt out on that.”

Like many, Fit City Adventures has found a way to keep going virtually, but with a more local focus.

“I think it's important. So a lot of HR managers are wanting to thank their team. Everyone's working a ton more hours, families, right? The moms are homeschooling and the dads are homeschooling kids," said Minardi.

They’re prepping food fiesta kits for a $10 online Cinco de Mayo cooking class. Anyone can sign up and it’s all delivered to your door. The ingredients are all sourced locally, keeping people working and experiencing the tastes of the city from a distance, for now.

"So I do think that San Diego will be one of the ones to bounce back relatively soon and we have an amazing mayor and tourism authority that's working really hard to do that. So I'm pretty confident that we will be okay," said Minardi.

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