Local Leaders Urge San Diegans to Remain Vigilant About COVID Ahead of Holiday Weekend

County leaders say positive cases in the county have increased 40% over the last two weeks, and wastewater testing indicates the surge could continue

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State, county and local leaders gathered at a Monoclonal Antibody Regional Center (MARC) in Clairemont on Thursday to remind San Diegans that the threat of catching COVID-19 this holiday weekend is very real.

They say positive cases in the county have increased 40% over the last two weeks, and wastewater testing shows that the cases could increase even more in the coming days.

Leaders also spent time at the MARC promoting treatments that are available to San Diegans who catch COVID-19.

There are MARC centers in Vista, Hillcrest, Clairemont and Chula Vista, and they're open seven days per week to anyone who tests positive for COVID, regardless of immigration status or insurance coverage. You don't need a positive PCR test to qualify for the treatment, a positive rapid antigen test is sufficient.

County officials say they have administered 10,000 monoclonal antibody treatments since they were first made available to San Diegans in February of 2021. The monoclonal antibody treatment is administered through a 30-second IV, by physicians and nurses who work at the MARC centers. Patients are monitored for one hour after treatment.

Monoclonal antibody treatments are good options for people who are in high-risk groups for potentially developing more severe symptoms from COVID-19, according to doctors. They're most effective when taken within seven days of developing symptoms.

In addition to the monoclonal treatment, the public health experts wanted to make San Diegans aware that there are also oral antiviral treatments like Paxlovid that are available at the MARC centers. Paxlovid should be taken within five days of developing symptoms from COVID, but the medical experts say the sooner you start the treatment the more effective it is at preventing severe symptoms.

For more information about the centers visit You can also call (619) 785-2500 for more information about treatment options in San Diego.

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