San Diego

Local Kids Guess What Solar Eclipse Will Look Like

"It's When The Moon Collides With The Sun!"

About 100 children gathered at the Boys and Girls Club, Ron Roberts Branch in San Diego Monday morning, excited to see the 2017 solar eclipse. 

"It's going to be red," said 10-year-old Angel Gomez. "Because the moon is going to collide with the sun!" 

United Healthcare donated 200 pairs of eye-protection solar eclipse glasses with ISO certification, approved by NASA.

A spokesperson gave a lesson in eye-safety to the children before they were allowed to look at the eclipse for 4 minutes, with the glasses on, from the basketball courts. 

"At first I was scared [of the eclipse] because we didn't have the special glasses but now I'm excited because we have the special glasses," said 8-year-old Freya Spann. 

The next total eclipse for North America will come on April 8, 2024. 

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