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Local Fire Survivors Prepare Care Packages for Northern California Fire Victims

Instead of food and water, however, the boxes are filled with manila folders

Dozens of Scripps Ranch residents spent their Sunday morning putting together organizational boxes for victims of the wildfires in Northern California.

Instead of food and water, however, the boxes are filled with manila folders.

It might not seem like the type of care package fire victims need. But many of the volunteers in Scripps Ranch -- the site of the destructive 2003 Cedar Fire -- know first-hand what it’s like to lose your home in a fire.

“In 2003, none of us were prepared for what goes into rebuilding,” said Scripps Ranch resident Linda Goldman.

Goldman and some of her Scripps Ranch lost their homes in the 2003 Cedar Fire.

“Because we had that learning curve, we wanted to pay it forward,” said Goldman.

After the Cedar Fire, many victims had to move several times and were buried in paperwork. That’s where the idea for the organizational boxes came in.

“When the fire happens, it takes away your sense of decision making,” said Scripps Ranch resident Charlie Nelson.

“We’ve designed a box that’s filled with all the file folders with headings, that all of the fire survivors need to pay attention to. How to deal with things like their permits, zoning and insurance,” Nelson added.

The boxes are meant to give the victims a sense of control. 

“It’s helpful logistically, but probably more important, psychologically for them to have some sense of control, and also learning all the different minutia that’s involved in the rebuilding process,” said Goldman.

The boxes will be driven to Santa Rosa on Monday. The group is still accepting donations on their GoFundMe page. To donate, click here. 

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