Local Competitive Bowlers Raise Money To Help Save Bowling Alleys From Closing

Competitive bowlers plead to reopen bowling alleys.

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Competitive bowlers in the San Diego area are pleading to reopen bowling alleys.

They say bowling can be done at limited capacity, while maintaining physical distance. The Greim family is now raising money to help keep struggling bowling alleys open in San Diego County, particularly Mira Mesa Lanes, which has taken a big financial hit.

“One of my life goals is to make it to be a pro,” said Zach Greim, 17. He’s a competitive bowler and was named San Diego Bowler of the Year two years in a row. He and his sister got their start in bowling at Mira Mesa Lanes.

“This place is like our second home,” said Zach’s mom, Marci Greim. She said she’s frustrated bowling allerys are closed and can’t reopen until the county enters the less restrictive, orange tier in Governor Gavin Newsom’s reopening plan. “We do travel a lot for bowling, but they (competitive bowlers) have nowhere to fine-tune their skills and keep that competitive edge.”

She said her kid’s friends have returned to their youth sport activities, like indoor gymnastics. “It’s challenging to understand why bowling centers have been put into a different category,” said Marci.

She said Zach and her daughter are hoping to earn bowling scholarships to get through college.  

“My daughter is 12 and her hopes are to be a collegiate bowler. My son is a senior so he’s lucky enough to have been seen by some recruiters already, but literally my children can go to college and can afford to go to college because of bowling,” said Marci.

Ken Meryman, Youth Director at Mira Mesa Lanes, said he’s been getting phone calls from bowlers wondering when the bowling alley will reopen.

“I haven’t seen some kids in six months. It’s not just a game of bowling, but this is a great outlet for them,” said Meryman. He also said Mira Mesa Lanes is taking a big financial hit.

“Every week that goes by the more heartbreaking it is, and the more worried I become we’re going to lose Mira Mesa lanes permanently. I’m hoping to raise funds at least to pay the rent this month, just to hope we can get to the point of opening and not have to close before we’re given the go-ahead by the state,” said Marci. She said she’s also working with local leaders to reopen the bowling alley with the expectation of getting clearance since bowling is considered a youth sport.

If you’d like to donate to Marci’s campaign, click here.

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