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Local Business Picks Up Scooters From Private Property For Free

The company has a phone number anyone can call 24/7

While scooters and dockless bicycles have changed the transportation industry in San Diego, some business owners and residents don't like the look of them on their properties. 

A new local service, called Scooter Removal, LLC., is hoping to serve those customers by removing the unwanted scooters and bikes, free of charge. 

"They're doing a service to the community," said Jonathan Freeman, who lives in the Gaslamp District. "They're getting more scooters off the streets." 

Freeman said he has not felt safe walking downtown ever since a scooter crashed into his blind dog. 

"A scooter came up behind us and hit his head," said Freeman. "If he would've hit his body, it would've killed him." 

The app caters to property owners in San Diego of businesses and homes. They can also call the number on the website to have a truck pick up Lime and Bird Scooters, as well as dockless bicycles.

The company says that they remove unwanted scooters and bikes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The removal service usually arrives within 30 minutes of the call.  

The company invoices the scooter and bicycle company and sends a notice to pick them up at their facility. 

The owners of Scooter Removal added customers and pedestrians can trip over scooters on the property of a business owner, which can lead to liability. 

"We help to set up 'no parking zones' if you register with us," said Dan Borelli, Co-Owner of Scooter Removal, LLC. "We put up signs on the property and alert the company that a private property owner has created a zone." 

Companies like Bird and Lime then must inform their users that they have parked in a 'no parking zone.' If nothing is done, Scooter Removal will remove the item from the property. 

"It's our service to the community," added Borelli. "We're not anti-scooter, we're just helping to clean up the city." 

Scooter Removal also adds that scooter removal will improve access to the business by removing obstructions that block customer access. 

The company said they developed the service from a need to help clean up the community and protect business and home owners. 

In two weeks, the company will fully launch an app, called Scoot Scoop, for Androids and iPhones. 

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