Local Brazilian Brewery Brings Taste of Rio to San Diego

Novo Brazil is at 901 Lane Avenue in Chula Vista

For the last two weeks Novo Brazil brewery has been home to Olympic fans cheering on both the U.S. and Brazilian teams.

“The Olympic Games was definitely a great boom here for us with a Brazil connection,” manager Mauricio Limo told NBC 7. “We make a party of all that.”

As fans gathered at the Chula Vista brewery to watch the closing ceremonies, there were mixed emotions. The games were a great success, but now it’s all over.

“It’s a little sad, but it was an honor to have everybody come here, and it was an honor to have the Olympics in Brazil,” Stephanie Rangel, who works at the brewery, said.

The brewery was also a place where fans could experience a little of Rio.

“Everything comes to an end,” Rangel said. “It still was an opportunity for people to get to know Brazil, our food, the brewery.”

The brewery is planning a welcome home party for the Olympic athletes who live and train in San Diego with some Brazilian drinks and food – and no matter what the drinks will be flowing.

“If we win, we drink to celebrate; if we lose we drink to forget,” Lima explained.

Sports, good food, drinks and company: a winning combination for Novo Brazil.

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