Local 9-Year-Old Donating Birthday Money to Lilac Fire Horses

Melania Stephens, 9, will be the big 10-years-old next week. But she's not hoping for an iPad or bicycle like other kids her age. 

"My wish was instead of getting birthday presents, to donate my birthday money to the horses caught in the fire," said Melania. 

Melania's mom said they live in Carlsbad, and watched 24 horses be evacuated from the barn they ride with during the Lilac Fire. 

Melania spent three days helping the horses in Del Mar. 

It's estimated that 800 horses were evacuated to the Del Mar Fairgrounds during the Lilac Fire. Most have gone home, but some have nothing to go home to, remaining anxiously in their stables until families can decide their next moves. 

Melania's mother, Karin, set up a GoFundMe Page and they have raised almost $500, but Melania is setting the bar higher than that. 

"I think we can make it to one million dollars," said Stephens. "The horses lost everything and they need food and water." 

If you would like to donate to Melania's GoFundMe Page, Click Here. 

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