Danielle Radin

Local 13-Year-Old Graduates From College

Claire Lewis, 13, has many interests like other teens her age, including playing the piano, clogging and watching television. But unlike other 13-year-olds, she also has an Associate of Arts degree.

In May, she became the youngest person ever to graduate from Palomar College, a community college in San Marcos, California. And she did it with a 4.0 GPA, according to her mother. 

Lewis' parents are professionals in information technology, and realized when she was nine years old she wasn't being challenged in school. 

"My mom didn't know how to home school me, so I went to Palomar College to do assessment testing and I did so well they let me take classes there," Lewis said.

She started attending at age 10. She received a general studies degree with an emphasis in science and math. She took biology, calculus, geography and geology to obtain her degree.

"I love math, it's my favorite," Lewis said.

Lewis is also a classical pianist, listing Chopin as one of her favorite composers to play.

"I want to get my undergraduate degree in piano and then I want to be a orchestral conductor when I grow up," Lewis said.

Lewis plans to take a year off and then start applying to music conservatories for school. Her parents will move with her where ever she goes, since she is too young to live on her own for now.

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