Little Girl With Leukemia Inspires Big Bone Marrow Drive

After being declared cancer free Madi was diagnosed with Leukemia

Scott Taylor’s 12-year-old daughter Madi was diagnosed with cancer a year ago after doctors found a tumor in her hip.

After she went through 11 months of radiation and chemotherapy her family became victims of the CEO of a local cancer charity convicted of stealing from the organization.

Just when it seemed like things were getting better: "January 29th this year she was declared cancer free,12 days later they found Leukemia in her,” Taylor said. "I had to go home and tell my wife.”

Scott and his family held a bone marrow drive Saturday to help thousands of families around the country just like theirs.

“We are doing this in honor of her,” Taylor said. “Which is why so many people are here today.”

The drive, however is not for Madi. Fortunately, she already has a donor in her brother. 

For 70% of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant though, there is no match in the family.

"Getting people on the registry, making people aware of it, gives hope to families who have kids with cancer, or anybody with cancer,” Taylor told NBC 7.

After a year like the Taylor family has had, hope for the future is a really good thing.

"Like I don't know how many people we've had today, but it's been a great, great day. Great day,” he added.

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