LISTEN: NBC 7 Podcast Separates Coronavirus Myth From Reality

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NBC 7 recorded a special edition of its daily news podcast to separate fact from fiction about the growing coronavirus pandemic and what it really means for San Diegans.

NBC 7's Mark Mullen spoke with Dr. Holly Yang, President-Elect of the San Diego Medical Society, in the special edition of "Today in San Diego" about common coronavirus concerns in the region.

Yang answered questions submitted by NBC 7 viewers on Facebook and Twitter.

"In this special edition of Today in San Diego, we're focusing on the outbreak of the novel coronavirus around the country and the impact it's having to our region. NBC 7 anchor Mark Mullen sits down with President-Elect of the San Diego Medical Society, Dr. Holly Yang, to determine fact from fiction and discuss the significance of recent precautionary measures. We'll also hear how COVID-19 is affecting local college students forced to attend class online, and San Diego business owners forced to deal with less business."

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