LISTEN: How the Padres Can Trade for Juan Soto, and Reach the Playoffs

One massive move can make all the difference

Sometimes one player can put a franchise over the top. For the Padres, that player could very likely be Juan Soto.

San Diego is going to jump headlong into the Soto sweepstakes. But, landing the superstar who's compared to Mike Trout, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams is a lot more complicated than just what kind of prospect haul a team can offer the Nationals.

That franchise is going up for sale, making the financial aspect of this deal as intriguing (and important) as the talent being exchanged. The OnFriar Podcast explains it all.

NBC 7's Derek Togerson and Darnay Tripp discuss the players and the economics of making a deal, and in case that doesn't happen, look at alternative trades that can still help a very good but (for now) flawed ball club.

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