LISTEN: Clevinger Claps Back, and a Preview of the Padres vs. Dodgers Series

The OnFriar Podcast tries to figure out why an AZ announcer says what he says

Diamondbacks announcer Bob Brenly had a few not very night things to say about Padres pitcher Mike Clevinger. So, Clev did his best to make the other guy eat his words.

That's a big topic on the new OnFriar Podcast. NBC 7's Derek Togerson and Darnay Tripp offer some insight into why Brenly is the way he is (from personal experience). But, more than anything, they talk about the upcoming 4-game series against the Dodgers in L.A.

Which team will end the weekend in 1st place? Which pitchers will lead their teams to victory? Will Blake Snell be traded or return to his dominant self? And what on earth is going on with USC, UCLA, and the Big 10 Conference and how does it impact SDSU? It's all covered on a brand new OnFriar.

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