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Lions, Tigers & Beers? Alpine Beer Co. Debuts Craft Brew in Support of Animal Sanctuary

The craft brewery in San Diego’s East County has created a summer lager called – what else? – “Oh my!” in support of the Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary in Alpine

Courtesy of Alpine Beer Co.

Lions, Tigers, and Beers? Oh my. Alpine Beer Co. in San Diego’s East County has debuted a craft brew in support of an animal sanctuary for big cats and bears, also in Alpine.

The brewery’s new summer lager – dubbed “Oh My!” – is being served exclusively at Alpine Beer Co. Outpost, the tasting room and restaurant on Tavern Road in Alpine.

The brew will be there through August and for each pint sold, the brewery will donate $2 to Lions, Tigers & Bears, the animal sanctuary located about 11 miles east of the brewery.

For Alpine Beer Company VP of operations Tom Tweedy, it’s all about offering neighborly support for the sanctuary’s continued mission to provide a safe home for abused and abandoned exotic animals.

Courtesy of Alpine Beer Co.
A furry resident takes a dip at the Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary in Alpine in San Diego's East County.

Lions, Tigers & Bears was founded nearly 20 years ago by Bobbi Brink as a no kill, no breed, no contact animal rescue, sanctuary, and educational facility. The sanctuary offers educational programs to raise awareness on ending the exotic animal trade. You can read all about its mission here.

Lions, Tigers and Bears cares for exotic animals when they often have no place else to go. NBC 7's Dagmar Midcap has the story.

Donations to the sanctuary support the care of its rescued animals – from food and habitat maintenance to veterinary care. Brink said this help from Alpine Beer Co. will be put to good use for the animals that rely on the facility 365 days a year.

Brink said it calls for a toast.

“We raise our glass to Alpine Beer Company for their creativity, generosity and enthusiasm as they spread the word about our sanctuary’s work to the community,” Brink added. “We hope our visitors will stop by for a pint and lunch after they visit!”

According to Lions, Tigers & Bears, the sanctuary has rescued five big cats, a bobcat and a goat just in 2021 alone. Today, the facility is home to more than 65 furry residents including lions, tigers, American and Himalayan black bears, grizzly bears, bobcats, mountain lions, servals, leopards, llamas, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, peacocks, and a macaw.  

The animal sanctuary is open to the public – by appointment only – for a range of experiences, including a 2-hour guided visit that costs $26 for kids up to 12 years old and $43 to $46 for adults.

According to the sanctuary’s website, COVID-19 safety protocols are currently in place, including reduced capacity, online ticketing/contactless entry, and enhanced sanitization.

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