Lions, Tigers, and Bears ‘Hunt' for Thanksgiving Turkey

Lions, tigers, bears – and turkeys?

Animals at an Alpine sanctuary celebrated Thanksgiving like many across the country -- with a turkey dinner.

The special meal was part of the Thanksgiving Turkey Bash held Friday.

The entire turkeys were placed in strategic areas in each animal’s den so they were able to “hunt.”

“The animals love to search for their food. It gives them enrichment, and it keeps them from getting bored,” said Bobbi Brink, founder of the Lions, Tigers, and Bears sanctuary.

Many of the animals at the East County sanctuary were once used for movies or roadside exhibits.

“I love that they are rescuing the animals from the circuses and people that have smuggled them into their yards and they got too big,” Brink said. “People don't even know the exotic animal trade is second to weapons in our country.”

The sanctuary is the first time that many of the animals have so much space after being rescued.

Another holiday event to help them will be held on Dec. 1.

The Christmas Festival Fundraiser lets visitors watch lions, tigers, and bears open their presents.

The event will have a silent auction, raffles, food trucks, and even a special appearance by Santa.

Visitors can make donations to the Lions, Tigers, and Bears sanctuary during the holiday festivities.

“We always need to raise funds because running this place – we do it entirely on donations,” Brink said.

Donations can also be made on its website.

The sanctuary is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

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