Lindbergh Field Grants Permits For Lyft and Uber

San Diego International Airport will allow Uber and Lyft drivers to pick-up riders from Lindbergh Field in a one-year piloted program.

This decision follows a unanimous vote by Airport Authority board members to bring in ridesharing businesses into Lindbergh Field.

Known as the Transportation Network Companies (TNC), now ridesharing entities like Uber and Lyft have the same benefits as taxi cab drivers in San Diego International Airport transportation.

Before, only taxi cabs and ride sharing vans were allowed to transport people flying in at Lindbergh Field.

An airport authority spokesperson said in a statement that Lindbergh Field is going through the process to issue permits to big name ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Riders can expect the companies to be picking up as early as the weekend, just in time for Comic Con.

Uber San Diego general manager Chris Ballard said, “Riders and drivers in San Diego voiced their strong support for ridesharing options at Lindbergh Field and we look forward to applying for the permit,” in a statement.

Some travelers look forward to having the ridesharing company’s pick-up at the airport.

Ketriel Mendy, who flew into San Diego Thursday said he likes the service Uber offers and would love to use it at the airport.

“If taxis would have offered the convenience before-hand, I would have used that, until they do, I’ll take Uber,” Mendy said.

Cab companies are not happy about the newly adopted resolution.

“Now with this, we’re irrelevant. Our business model is irrelevant,” said Tony Hueso of Cab USA, in a statement.

Lindbergh Field is considered late in the game to granting ride sharing permits. San Francisco International Airport, Portland International Airport and Pittsburgh International Airport are among those who have already signed on with the popular ridesharing companies.

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