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Linda Vista's K Sandwiches, Destroyed in 2015 Fire, Reopens in New Year

K Sandwiches, a beloved Vietnamese sandwich shop in Linda Vista, burned down in August 2015 and has been rebuilding ever since

A beloved Linda Vista sandwich shop destroyed in a 2015 fire will start fresh in the New Year, reopening Friday after vowing to come back stronger than ever.

K Sandwiches, located at 7604 Linda Vista Rd., burned down in August 2015 when an oven malfunction sparked a fire. Everyone was able to get out safely but flames gutted the building. Officials declared it a total loss.

Since then, the owners -- the Tran sisters -- have been slowly but steadily rebuilding their small business. After the devastating fire more than two years ago, co-owner Jennifer Tran told NBC 7 her family was not giving up and would one day open up shop again.

In the New Year, that day came.

“A lot of customers stopped by and said they’ve been waiting two and a half years for those,” said Jennifer Tran, owner of K Sandwiches. “It’s exciting. There’s so many customers! We didn’t know what it was going to be like when we opened the doors, but this is more than I expected!” 

This month, the sandwich shop posted a message on Facebook announcing it would reopen on Jan. 5, thanking patrons for their continued patience and support.

On Friday, the shop opened to a long line of customers that wrapped around the building.

“I came here an hour before it opened and I was already at the back of the line,” said customer Victoria Teodormackey, towards the front of the line. “I’ve been here for about an hour.” 

The lines appeared to remain an hour or longer for most of the morning. Towards lunchtime, J.R. Hong was at the back of the line, practically waiting in the crosswalk as the sidewalk filled up. 

“The line is pretty long but I think it’s worth the wait,” said Hong. “I’m just hungry!” 

K Sandwiches first opened in 2006. The counter-service deli and market is best known for its Vietnamese sandwiches, or "Banh Mi," made in every which way. Banh Mi is made on a Vietnamese baguette; the sandwich is typically topped with thinly sliced pickled carrots, cucumbers, cilantro chili peppers, pâté, mayonnaise and various meat fillings or tofu.

The eatery is also known for its spring rolls stuffed with shrimp, chicken, pork, as well as its fresh-baked bread, from baguettes to croissants. The smoothie and boba menu is a fan favorite, too.

“I drove down from LA,” said K Sandwiches Patron, Gerardo Garcia. “I got a phone call that the restaurant was open. I told my brother to just go. So we’re here to enjoy the beef sandwiches.” 

Cheers to new beginnings for a small business.

As NBC 7’s Marianne Kushi reports, officials say everyone inside made it out safely, but the owner of K Sandwiches suffered an unknown medical emergency after seeing what happened to his business.
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