Linda Vista Apartment Tenants Stop Paying Rent Over Mold Problem

New property management recently raised the rent by as much as 15 percent for some tenants

Around a dozen families in a Linda Vista apartment complex are refusing to pay after their rent was raised because they say the new management hasn’t fixed the pervasive mold problem.

ETC Village LLC took over property management of the Village Apartments on Eastman St. last year and have raised the rent by as much as 15 percent for some tenants.

Daniel Madueno had repairs done to his two-bedroom apartment, but he says the management isn’t doing enough to get rid of the mold that’s been in his home for two years.

“[The] mold is everywhere,” he told NBC 7. “All around the walls right there, everywhere.”

Madueno says the mold permeates every wall – even above his four-month-old baby’s crib.

Every time it rains water sits on Madueno’s roof. He said he complained to management who told him they would put rain gutters up to help stop the mold problem.

ETC Village LLC took over last year and Madueno had his floors, kitchen cabinets and the bathroom replaced, but about a month later the mold came back.

The mold is now sitting underneath the improvements.

“Even the floor,” he said. “It’s new, but … we’ve got to keep cleaning it because the water goes under it.”

Madueno believes it’s too late to fix the apartment.

“The only way it could be fixed is if we just move.”

ETC Village LLC told NBC 7 they "We continue to look for ways to provide best value housing in our neighborhood. We welcome all residents to contact our dedicated management team to report service requests or community improvement suggestions."

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