Lincoln High Scores Low on Tests

The high school students did poorly on math test scores compared to other schools

The San Diego Unified School District's superintendent is facing criticism today after new test scores reveal more problems at Lincoln High School.

Just 32 percent of graduates from Lincoln passed the college preparatory courses last year.

Now, a member of SDUSD Board of Trustees, Shelia Jackson is voicing concern over the school's math test scores.

While the latest numbers show improvement, district wide, Lincoln's scores remain low.

Only five percent of Lincoln's students are proficient in math, making the numbers stand out -- 90 students out of an 1,800 student body.

Jackson says the district is to blame for not hiring qualified teachers.

"It is extremely disturbing because we had teachers who really wanted to come to Lincoln and teach in the math department," expressed Jackson, "And their requests by the district has been blocked and denied."

District officials say they did follow the proper staffing procedures to ensure that a qualified teacher be in a classroom.

That's despite the fact that substitute math teachers were in the classroom on the first day back to school today.

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