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Limited Parking Enforcement Included in Executive Order Signed by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria

Newly-elected San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria signed an executive order that included limiting parking enforcement to holiday and Sunday regulations

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Scott Weber

On Wednesday, newly-elected San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria signed his first executive order to direct enforcement of COVID-related public health orders ahead of the New Year's Eve holiday.

In that executive order, he signed to limit parking enforcement to aid "with California's stay-at-home orders."

Beginning Thursday, the city will not be enforcing parking meter violations, time-limited parking, yellow commercial zones, and short-term green zones. Red, white, and blue parking areas will continue to be enforced, however.

In a tweet, the newly-elected mayor said he limited parking enforcement to direct stronger enforcement for those "blatantly and egregiously defying local and state health orders" saying residents should take COVID-19 seriously.

"As mayor, I cannot sit idly by as our local hospitals and morgues threaten to overflow as the coronavirus surges unchecked throughout our region,'' Gloria said.

The newly-elected mayor said he's directed the San Diego Police Department and City Attorney's Office to pursue fines of up to $1,000 for those who defy the state or the San Diego County public health order.

To read his full order, click here.

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