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Lime Launches Pilot Ride-Share Scooter Program in Chula Vista

The program will start with 500 scooters within the first month then increase until there are no more than 5,000 scooters within the city of Chula Vista.

The city of Chula Vista has launched a pilot ride-share program to bring Lime Scooters to the city for a one year test. 

The pilot program will allow up to 500 dockless scooters to be placed around popular transit locations in Chula Vista within the first month of its launch. Within a year, up to 5,000 could be operating within the city. 

Scooters will be initially places around Third Avenue, the Civic Center Library, trolley stations, and other places.

"We're excited to bring mobility outside of San Diego into Chula Vista," said Matthew Anton, Operations Manager for Lime San Diego.

"It is environmentally green for the city, and there are no greenhouse emissions, we have a strong action climate program. So, we think that it's a good opportunity to fill a need within the community," said Fransisco Rivera with the Department of Public Works with the city of Chula Vista.

The cost of using the scooters in Chula Vista will be $1 to unlock and 24 cents per minute.

South Bay residents, including Chula Vista citizen Norna Piggee, tested the scooters on Sunday. 

"This is my first time riding an electric scooter," said Norna Piggee, a resident of Chula Vista. "This was great physical exercise, it gets me out in San Diego, and I can see more than in the car."

Rivera said there are some places that you will not be able to ride the scooters.

"At this point, Southwestern College is not ready for the scooters on campus, so they will not work at the college campus or the Civic Center where we have city hall offices," Rivera explained.

This pilot program comes after the city of San Diego initiated the process of revoking Lime's operation limit in August. According to the city, Lime violated municipal code, including geofencing, speed, and operating rules.

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