Lightning Victim's Wife Faces Difficult Decision

A woman whose husband was struck by lightning did not get good news Thursday from doctors and is now confronting the difficult decision her family has to make.

Rebeca Arce, who speaks only Spanish, said her husband, Gutiberto Matias, is a good father, the best husband. Since he was injured, she has constantly been by his side at Palomar Medical Center, where he remains in a coma.

More than a week after lightning struck Matias, doctors told the family that there has been no improvement and that his brain is just not functioning.

"He's just really, really sick," said niece Maria Baltizar

Now, it's up to Arce whether to keep him on life support -- all while his 4-year-old daughter, Brisas, who is especially close to him, keeps asking for her father.

The little girl knows her father is in the hospital but is not aware of the severity of his injuries.

Arce said she is not sure what she will decide to do next.

"We're just waiting and hoping that things will turn out for the best," Baltizar said.

The couple also has a son, who is 18 months old.

Matias' brother was also hurt by the strike, but he is out of the hospital and said to be recovering.   


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