San Diego

Lemon Grove Won't Vote on Sales, Pot Tax Measure This November

A half-cent sales tax measure will not go before Lemon Grove voters in November, the city council decided Friday.

The measure, which called for both a half-cent sales tax and a 5 percent tax on marijuana business revenue, needed four of five councilmembers’ approval but only got the OK from three.

Two council members said it would have failed in November because more research needs to be done on exactly where this money would be most useful.

Had it passed, the tax revenue would have gone into the general fund. The majority of general fund spending goes to public safety-- like the sheriff's department, fire department and animal control.

Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez said even though the measure failed, the tax proposals will continue to be a hot topic because money is just running out.

“As we moved forward with budgetary shortfalls, we are really going to have to take a look at what we can and cannot cut,” Vasquez, a supporter of the measure, said. “But also, really take a look at the possibility of unincorporating in the future."

If that half-cent sales tax would have been approved and passed in November, it would have generated $1.9 million each year.

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