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Lemon Grove Homeowners Dealing With Growing Storm Drain Problems

A storm drain is causing a flood of problems for a Lemon Grove family

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The aftermath of Tuesday’s rainstorm is still being felt by some residents. In the East County many there dealt with power outages and slick roads, but one family says their problems are constant every time it rains.

“My land is starting to erode down this way,” said Shawn Farson, Lemon Grove resident.

Farson shared with NBC 7 how a storm drain has flooded his family with problems at their Lemon Grove home. He says for the last year and a half his family and his neighbors have been dealing with a slew of issues all stemming from the storm drain.

Following Tuesday’s rainstorm, the heavy downpour flooded through a storm drain installed under the city’s sidewalk in front of Farson's home.

"It's terrifying. Quite truthfully we know every time a storm comes through here we risk further damage in our backyard and as that encroaches closer to our home we fear that our home value is being washed away with the storm," said Farson.

Shawn recorded a cell phone video during Tuesday's storm that shows water rushing down the street and entering through the storm drain, he explains how the problem is that the run-off is then being spit out through a now corroded pipe that is seeping into their backyard.

The City of Lemon Grove told NBC 7 that under their drainage master plan update there are some storm drains which they have recommended for repair and maintenance of public infrastructure. But, they could not confirm if the storm drain that runs under Farson's property is the responsibility of the property owner or the city.

"Pretty much every time after it rains we’ll go down there and inspect the sinkhole and we see it getting larger and larger, it gets deeper," said Farson. "The problem just keeps getting worse."

Farson has now filed a lawsuit with the City of Lemon Grove because he says public works inspectors told him it’s his responsibility to repair the damaged storm drain pipe.

The City of Lemon Grove said because the matter is currently under litigation the city does not comment on current litigation matters. 

Farson said he wants the storm drain repaired to ensure safety for his family, neighbors and community.

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