Learning to Live with Recession

Seminar helps with job search and stress relief in tough economy

A free seminar sought to help people survive in tough economic times Saturday.

The University of Phoenix used the opportunity to teach people about the root of economic problems and give practical advice to the public about how to deal with a variety of problems.  

School officials encourage people to take positive action.  "In one way you can't change the major economic forces.  But there are opportunities to deal with this individually and to come up with solutions to help you and your family.  And don't add stress to your life," said David Sarnowski of the University of Phoenix.

The University decided to hold the seminar because so many of its students were worried about their financial situations.  Faculty explained the economic crisis and answered questions people had about investments and mortgages.  Employment agencies held sessions on making individuals more marketable to employers.  Temporary hiring agencies were also on hand to make attendees aware of opportunities available.

Medical professionals like nurses and chiropractors also taught people how to deal with the stress associated with tough economic times, especially as the holidays approach.  "So we're encouraging people to have family based celebrations.  And enjoy being with people and minimize the feeling that you have to spend a lot of money.   Let's just get back to basics," said Nancy Mac Isaac of the University of Phoenix.  She also encouraged people to take advantage of the natural beauty of San Diego as an inexpensive form of entertainment.

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