New Allegations in La Jolla Elder Abuse Case

New twists are coming to light in the investigation of suspected animal neglect and elder abuse at a million-dollar La Jolla home.

Just days after NBC 7 Investigates first reported about the discovery of a 90-year-old man dangerously malnourished and dehydrated in his own home, two other families have come forward claiming that man’s companion took advantage of two other men -- an 81-year-old and 80-year-old.

Family members of homeowner Robert Stella say the woman they blame for his condition, Victoria Turner, is back in the Avenida De Las Pescas house she shared with Stella.

Turner filed for temporary restraining orders against Stella's children William and Michelle Redfield as well as roommate Josh Curry, which resulted in his eviction.

Curry told NBC 7 Investigates that Turner teased Stella with food and tied the 90-year-old to his bed.

In her application for the restraining orders, Turner indicates she was physically threatened by Curry as well as Stella’s children.

In Family Court Monday morning, Turner dropped her request for an order against Curry, and she and the Redfields agreed to postpone the hearing related to them. It was rescheduled for April 21st.

Until then, the Redfields are prohibited from going near the house and Turner.

Both Turner and her attorney have declined several opportunities to speak on these new developments.

NBC7 Investigates found family members of other elderly men who say Turner ruined their lives.

They claim Turner was involved with two other men at the same time she may have been married to Stella.

NBC 7 Investigates has exclusive interviews with families, who are voicing these new allegations.

Eighty-one-year-old John McNamara shot and killed himself at his Lemon Grove home in 2011.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner's report indicates when he pulled the trigger, Turner was across the hall in another bedroom.

“If she's supposed to be a caregiver, how in the hell did he get a hold of a gun?” McNamara’s daughter-in-law Catherine said.

John Jr. and wife Catherine say they were notified of McNamara’s death by an uncle, not the coroner or hospital.

The reason? On the death certificate, Turner was identified as having power of attorney for McNamara.

“I can't even look into his accounts and that kinda stuff because her name is on the death certificate,” McNamara’s son John Jr. said.

“Her objective was to get at his money,” Catherine said.

The McNamaras said Turner's relationship with their father was somewhere between female companion and caregiver.

They claim McNamara took her to expensive restaurants and that he would help with her video production company. They said some nights, Victoria would stay over, even though their father told John Jr. and Catherine that Turner was married.

“I thought it was pretty different, but what was I going to say?” John Jr. said.

NBC 7 Investigates did find a marriage certificate on file. It indicates while all this was allegedly going on with McNamara, Turner’s husband of record was Robert Stella.

It was Stella's house that was raided by police and animal control two weeks ago, and investigators found it was overrun by more than 20 dogs and cats, garbage and animal waste piled wall to wall.

Stella's children and roommates say Turner trashed the place.

In her request for the restraining orders, Turner says it was Stella's family that trashed the house.

"The house looked like a hurricane had hit inside. Mirrors were smashed, televisions destroyed. Family pets were running loose in the streets," Turner wrote.

NBC 7 Investigates dug up a 10-year-old copy of Victoria's Secret Closet, a public television program about notable La Jollans. At a round table discussion featured in the program, a much younger Robert Stella can be seen.

The show’s host was Turner, and there is another man: 80-year-old retired engineer Victor Sell, dubbed "The Futurologist".

Victor's family says he became another of Turner's companions.

“You know, playing to how important he thinks all of that is and making him feel important because he is a ‘futurologist’,” Victor’s daughter-in-law Tamson Sell said.

Chris -- Victor’s son -- and Tamson saw an NBC7 Investigates report about Turner and decided to cut her out of Victor’s life, changing the locks on his house.

They say they're grooming the deteriorating yard that is already starting to look like the mess in Stella's property. They are disposing of the flea market items they say Turner started to accumulate in his garage, and they had to eliminate Turner from Victor's sensitive accounts.

“Off the credit card, off the health directive, off the medical emergency, off the-her email and off the bank account,” Tamson said.

NBC 7 Investigates tracked down Turner last week to talk to her about Stella. She did not want to answer our questions and avoided the camera.

We attempted to reach Turner and her attorney about these new allegations. We have not heard back.

Besides Turner, the families of all three elderly men share a common frustration of many adult children: not knowing when their parents need protection.

“You do have to really watch. You can't say, ‘OK, this is my father, and he's making the right decisions because he's my father,’” Tamson said.

In seeking the restraining orders Turner indicated she received threats from William Redfield, “ He had me in fear for my safety,” Turner wrote.

Stella family members deny Turner’s accusations.

Turner has not been charged with a crime.

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