Local Navy SEAL Pleads Not Guilty to Homicide

Theo Andrew Krah, 28, was arrested near his home in San Diego last Monday.

The attorney for a Coronado-based Navy SEAL accused of a homicide in Santa Monica says the Navy officer was attempting to stop the victim from taking pictures of girls.

Theo Andrew Krah, 28, was arrested near his home in San Diego last Monday and charged with the homicide of Kris Anderson.

NBC 7 spoke with Attorney Anthony Salerno on Monday.

Salerno alleges Krah was at the Santa Monica Pier on June 11 and saw Anderson taking pictures of possibly young girls. He says Krah and Anderson got into a struggle but no one was injured or arrested.

“He has not been identified by witnesses as being the person that was even there who allegedly assaulted this person,” Salerno said.

According to Salerno, Krah noticed Anderson taking the pictures and confronted him about them. He demanded to see the pictures but the man did not want to show him.

“I want to know what’s in that phone because I strongly believe that if you’re out as an old guy, taking pictures of underage girls in bathing suits, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what else that guy might’ve been up to and what he intended to do,” Salerno said.

He alleges that Krah did not get into a fight with Anderson but just held him down until police arrived.

“If you saw someone taking pictures of underage people, you’d hope that someone would have the character and the courage to confront him,” he said.

Salerno claims that it wasn't until about an hour later that Anderson was found suffering from head trauma and a stab wound.

Santa Monica police said they arrested Krah on June 13 for homicide. Krah is being held on a $2 million bail.

Salerno says he trying to get hold of the victim’s camera to show what Anderson was doing before his death.

Krah is due in court July 13.

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