Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over The Rock Church

A lawsuit over the location of San Diego's largest church is gaining traction.

A judge approved class-action status on Friday for a suit brought by a Liberty Station resident against the developer of The Rock Church.

Bonnie Mann is suing Corky McMillin Companies over what she says is over congestion on Sundays when thousands of people arrive to services at the church.

“They have 3,500 people at service so it’s mass congestion, horrible parking, noise. It’s a huge nuisance. It’s a mess,” Mann said.

She claims McMillin -- which controls developer rights over all of Liberty Station -- failed to disclose that The Rock Church would move so close to her home and nearly 350 others.

Mann said she wouldn't have purchased her house if she had known traffic was going to be so bad and is having trouble selling her home because of it.

McMillin's defense team says that's far from the case. They say notices about the church’s move were posted and news about the potential move was widely known at the time.

“Once the contract between The Rock and McMillin was finalized and the public permit was applied for, the process of getting the permit was very public and their were notices up. In the city and the county and most particularly that neighborhood,” said defense attorney John Simpson.

Mann's attorneys said they have a letter from 2002  from a McMillin executive to pastor Miles McPherson asking him to keep the deal quiet.

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