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Latina Business Woman Opens Coffee Shop in National City Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Mujer Divina en National City

For many, the pandemic has led to the closure of their businesses. But for a woman from Tijuana, this was just the beginning.

Priscilla Curiel achieved one of her longtime dreams, opening a coffee shop. She opened Mujer Divina, located in National City, just over a month ago.

"Mujer Divina was born out of chaos. My husband owned a deli in the same spot and due to COVID, it didn't prosper. But I told him to not worry that we will find another idea that will be more practical. After that it took us a couple more months before we came up with Mujer Divina," Curiel said.

Curiel commented that one of her longings was to have a coffee shop of her own and despite the contingency she did not throw in the towel and started her business.

"There were times when I wanted to close the business. There were a lot of expenses, debts, and rents to pay. I said the place is already there. If it doesn't work then ok, but I don't like to give up that easily," she said.

Curiel added that, like many, her business had to adapt to county health orders in order to start her business.

"I had to adapt to what we're living right now," she said.

In addition to coffee, Mujer Divina offers snacks, burritos, pan dulce, and drinks.

Curiel tells other small business owners and local restaurants to be positive and if you must reinvent yourself to survive in this pandemic it is essential that they do so.

"Don't give up. The sun rises for everyone... There's always a light at the end for everyone."

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