Las Vegas Shooting Victim Speaks For First Time Since Coma: Family

A San Diego woman who was shot in the face during a Las Vegas concert is talking and walking, her family says.

Family Spokesperson Amy Klinger told NBC 7, Tina Frost's thoughts are "complete," although she is having trouble understanding what she is saying.

"This is incredible, considering this was just a month ago," Klinger said.

Frost, 27, was shot in the face during the mass shooting in Las Vegas. She had been in a coma days following the shooting.

When the shooting started, Frost's boyfriend Austin Hughes, 28, picked her up with the help of another concertgoer and ran with her in his arms. They got on a truck and rushed to the hospital.

"He really had one arm around her, trying to keep the blood stopped and trying to hang on to the truck. He supposedly hung on to some other girl's legs as the driver began tearing off, down the road," Hughes’ father told NBC 7 in a previous interview. "They're just a great couple and I believe she will be a daughter-in-law of mine someday.”

According to Klinger, Tina is aware she has injuries and knows she is recovering at a hospital. She would not disclose whether or not Tina remembers the shooting, out of respect for the family.

Frost, a soccer player all her life, is also able to kick a soccer ball around again. 

In the coming weeks, Frost will work with a neuro-psychiatrist to work on contextualizing her thoughts.

A GoFundMe page has been started to help the family with medical costs.

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