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Cavernous 30-Foot-Deep Sinkhole Shuts Down I-805 Off-Ramp

Repairs to a massive sinkhole that formed on the Interstate 805 off-ramp to Kearny Villa Road stretched into a second day Tuesday, potentially affecting evening commuters, California Highway Patrol said. 

Update: Sinkhole Repaired by Caltrans Crews

The sinkhole on the right side of the two-lane road was reported by a driver at about 8:15 a.m. on Monday, CHP Sgt. Joseph Aboy said. 

By the time officers had arrived, the opening had become a massive 25-foot wide and 30-foot deep sinkhole.

Rainy weather conditions are posing another obstacle for crews at the I-805 sinkhole. NBC 7's Melissa Adan is in Serra Mesa with more.

CHP completely shut down the roadway to traffic amid concerns that the hole could overtake both lanes of the off-ramp.

The ramp remained closed for the remainder of the day and was expected to stay closed most of Tuesday, possibly affecting the evening commute, as crews worked to fill the hole with dirt and asphalt. 

Caltrans had hoped to have the roadway reopened before the morning commute but heavy downpours the day before and a broken pipe underneath the road flooded the hole, posing an extra challenge for crews. 

Sandbags were placed around the rim of the sinkhole to stop rain from falling inside but the majority of the morning was spent pumping water out of the hole, Caltrans spokesperson Hayden Manning said.

"Water came undetermined into the hole so it took us a long time to actually pump up the water that actually developed into the hole from the rains in the afternoon yesterday," Manning said. 

The Kearny Villa Road exit affected by the closure was one frequently traveled by first responders. 

"This a major offramp that emergency medical personnel might take to get to Sharp and [Rady] Children’s Hospital so they’re going to have to find alternate routes to get to the hospital," Aboy said.

It was not clear if any responses were delayed because of the sinkhole.

[G] Sinkhole Forms on Interstate 805 Ramp in San Diego

The agency was still investigating the cause of the sinkhole but Caltrans said but rain may have contributed to the corrosion, Aboy said.  

"This looks like something that has formed throughout several days and we had some rainstorms since the beginning of the year, several that may have caused it but don’t know yet," Aboy said. 

Caltrans said six culverts, which funnel rainwater into the city's sewage system, run near the sinkhole and may have also contributed to the formation.

Ed Joyce/Caltrans

On Wednesday, crews confirmed the concrete and asphalt mix used to fill the sinkhole had hardened.

One western off-ramp lane adjacent to I-805 will remain open until Friday.

Caltrans geotechnical staff continue to evaluate the area to determine a permanent fix.

No other information was available.

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