Suspect Dead After Orange County Deputy-Involved Shooting on I-5 Near Camp Pendleton

A suspect has died following a deputy-involved shooting on the Las Pulgas Road off ramp by Camp Pendleton Tuesday, the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) officials confirmed.

The incident happened at 12:09 p.m. off southbound Interstate 5 when an OCSD deputy found a man in distress, acting strangely in a car pulled over on Las Pulgas Road, according to San Diego County Sheriff's Lt. John Maryon.

When the deputy approached the 55-year-old suspect, he started aggressively pointing at the deputy and yelling.

"At some point, [he] said, 'I have a weapon. I'm going to kill you and I'm going to kill myself,'" said Maryon.

The deputy immediately retreated back to his patrol vehicle and called in backup from fellow deputies and Border Patrol agents.

An hourlong standoff ensued, as the man said he had a gun pointed at the deputy's stomach and threatened to kill him, according to the lieutenant.

Finally, when the suspect emerged from his car, he "had his right arm extended with something black — some sort of black material — wrapped around his hand, extending it as if it was a weapon," said Maryon.

A deputy shot a bean bag round at the suspect's stomach, but the man continued to point his arm in their direction.

Three OCSD deputies and two Border Patrol agents then fired their guns, killing the man. No weapon has been found on him, according to Maryon.

The lieutenant said the suspect was a resident of Vista who claimed to suffer from PTSD related to his time in the military. Officials have not released his identity.

During the standoff, Maryon said the man made statements that he is being accused of killing his parents. However, investigators confirmed that both of his parents are alive. 

The off ramp at Las Pulgas Road just west of I-5 was closed as officials investigated. 

California Highway Patrol officials closed two lanes of the SB I-5 as well for a brief period of time. Traffic slowed from Basilone Road to Las Pulgas Road. For a current look at the traffic map, click here. 

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